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WELCOME to the 2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR!

I hope you are as excited about this new school year as I am.  As we begin our journey together, I hope you will take the time to complete some "Get to Know You" and "Explore the Room" activities to help us create a positive, supportive, cooperative, and successful atmosphere.

Use the link below to take you to our AP English Language and Composition Padlet for the 2018-2019 school year.   This page is password protected:  apenglish


Welcome to Advanced Placement English Language and Composition.  I wish you all luck as we enter a new school year and begin the journey of rhetorical analysis together.  This year, we will spend a great deal of time crafting your ability to communicate through the written word.  To do this, we will examine a number of different texts, primarily non-fiction essays, to identify the techniques experienced and successful authors use to communicate.  

The Advanced Placement English Language and Composition course is a college level course endorsed by the district and the College Board.  As such, the course maintains the standards of the College Board and sets high expectations for responsibility, moral integrity, academic honesty, and dedication to learning.

This year's Advanced Placement English Language and Composition exam will be on

MAY 15, 2019 at 8:00 a.m.

Current Assignments & Due Dates

Check back here often to see what our class is working on!  The first quarter is filled with activities to help introduce students to the world of argument and rhetorical analysis.

We are currently working on:

  • Summer Reading Assessment
  • Argument Essay
  • Independent Reading 

Current Due Dates:


**Assignment details are on the ASSIGNMENTS page.

Important Information

Please check your class period's due dates.  If the dates written here differ from what is on the written assignment, please contact me ASAP.  Please keep in mind that this chart does not include all assignments (daily homework, vocabulary units, quiz dates, etc.), but is meant to serve as a reminder for major assignments and timelines.

 All written assignments are due on by 11:59pm on the due date.

For full details on any of the assignments listed below, please go to the ASSIGNMENTS page where you can download student handouts and rubrics.

Navigating this Website

Use the drop-down menu at the top of this page to help you navigate this site.  Under the main section "AP English Lang & Comp," you will see further page options, including "Course Readings," "Assignments," "Independent Reading," and "Exam Review."

Where can I find course readings?

Scroll over the "AP English Lang & Comp" tab at the top of the page.  On the drop-down menu, click on "AP English Readings."  You will find all of your unit readings posted here.

How do I access the course readings, assignments, and independent reading pages?

These pages are password protected.  You must get the username and password from your teacher to log into these pages.  As you log in, click "remember me," and the website should recognize your future attempts to access the page.

Where are my assignments posted?

As you navigate the page, you will find your units of study.  Under each unit of study, assignments applicable to that unit are posted.  You will also see other section headings, such as "AP Practice" where other important assignments are posted.  All assignments are posted as Microsoft Word documents or PDF files, both of which are easily accessible on mobile and computer devices.  IMPORTANT:  Links to individual assignments have moved to the "ASSIGNMENTS" page on this website.  You can find this page on the drop-down menu under "AP English Lang & Comp."

Here are the DIRECTIONS for  Please be sure that your essays are submitted by midnight the night before the assignment is due.

  • Period 1, Class ID:   18664857
  • Period 3, Class ID:   18664866
  • Period 5, Class ID:   18664880
  • Period 6, Class ID:   18664889

Please make sure you register for your own class period!

We will use throughout the school year for paper submissions, peer review, discussion boards, and teacher comments.  Please spend some time navigating the website as you are expected to know it well. 

TECHNOLOGY CONCERNS:  If you are asked to post to the discussion board or submit your essay and the website is down, please be proactive about communicating the issue to me.  An emailed version of your assignment will suffice until the website is back up and running.  Waiting until class to tell me that you were unable to make your posting or submit your paper will not render a positive reaction and your work will be penalized.

Extra Help

The literature that we will study this year will challenge us all. It is the expectation of this course that students maintain a proactive approach to their learning, seeking out the instructor or other support staff for extra guidance on this material. Students are always welcome to meet with me during Common Time or during my office hours. Students are expected to come to class prepared. At times, this preparation means utilizing any means necessary to understand a text in order to fully engage in class activities.

Some suggestions for better preparation:

  • Make use of support materials such as "Sparknotes." Though these texts should not be read in isolation, when consulted to enhance understanding, they can be very useful.
  • CONFERENCE:  Meet with the teacher before class or after school, during office hours. Come prepared with specific questions! I am happy to clarify any confusing details and answer any questions.
  • Common Time: Students can request a Common Time pass to meet with their class instructor. Passes must be requested from the classroom teacher BEFORE Common Time begins.
  • National Honor Society Peer Tutoring: Students can work with other students during Common Time to receive extra guidance with their work.

AP Exam Practice

Throughout the school year, the students will engage in a rigorous test preparation process.  Each unit and assignment is designed to further our journey to the AP exam, but periodically throughout the year, the students will study and be assessed with released AP documents.  For each of the first three quarters, the students will compose at least three practice essays; they will also complete projects to prepare for the multiple choice section of the exam.  The midterm exam is designed to be a benchmark assessment of their progress through the first half of the school year.  Once this assessment is completed, the students will design goals for improvement and work on a more individual level with the instructor to best prepare for success on the exam.  AP practice materials and assignments can be found HERE.

For each essay type we review and practice in class, we will complete full reviews of our work.  You can find the review sheets on THIS DOCUMENT.  Here, you will find review sheets for ARGUMENT, ANALYSIS, and SYNTHESIS. 

Midterm Exam Schedule and Information

Your midterm exam will assess the skills developed throughout the first semester in this course.  Your exam will consist of:

  • 2 multiple choice passages
  • Argument essay
  • Analysis essay

All materials for the exam are previously released AP exam materials.  To prepare for the exam, you will receive all previous essay prompts and multiple choice work completed throughout the semester.  This portfolio will be of great help to you and you are expected to carefully review comments, goals, and testing materials.  You will return this portfolio when you complete your midterm review project.  ALL MATERIAL MUST BE KEPT NEAT AND ORGANIZED, AND MUST BE RETURNED TO YOUR INSTRUCTOR.

Use the Midterm Exam Review document to inform your preparation for this exam.

As your midterm exam marks the midway point of your course preparation, you should recognize the importance of critical reflection and goal setting.  Once you complete your exam, you will engage in an extensive reflective project that will encourage you to critically examine your writing and set goals for the second half of the school year.  Here is the assignment for the Midterm Reflection Project.

Exam days are early dismissal days for students. Please review the schedule and information sent home for bus schedules, snow days, delayed openings, and exam times.

AP Exam Review

With only a few weeks left until the exam, we are engaging in an intense review of the material learned and skills developed thus far.  Our review will take us through a reexamination of rhetorical analysis terms, encourage us to critically examine our successes in writing, and analyze the areas where improvement is still necessary.  In this review, the students will be formally assessed on their knowledge of rhetorical devices and their ability to apply this in their analyses.  The students will also begin a two week intense study of argument, analysis and synthesis as they write, evaluate, and revise these essays. 

Click HERE to access the course exam review page.



After the AP Exam

Many students wonder, "Where do we go from here, now that the AP exam is over?"  Because the expectation is that most students will continue on to AP Literature and Composition, our goal for the remainder of the school year is to prepare students for this future journey.  The students will need all knowledge and skill acquired in this class to be successful in AP Literature and Composition.  What we need to learn, however, is how to take what we know of rhetorical analysis and apply it to literature.  This is called literary analysis.  Though the two skills are similar, when examining works of literature, one is asked to consider writing in a new way.  That is our goal.

In this unit, the students will engage in a number of different tasks.  Some of these tasks are independent and require students to carefully budget our time and plan wisely.  Other tasks will combine in-class and independent work.  The units we will cover after the exam are:Poetry

  • Hamlet
  • Independent Reading

Final Exam Schedule

Students in Advanced Placement courses are exempt from the final exam in those courses.  Below is the final exam schedule.


Exams begin at 7:30 and 9:45, respectively, and run for two hours.  Please report to your classroom on time on the day of the exam.  Please bring all appropriate materials with you, including any books that must be turned in to your teacher before the school year ends. 

Exam days are early dismissal days for students.  Please review the schedule and information sent home for bus schedules, snow days, delayed openings, and exam times.

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