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About Mrs. Dooley

I am very excited to begin my 7th year teaching at Joseph A. Foran High School!  I come to Foran after working in the Fairfield, Weston, and Stamford school districts.  In Fairfield, I worked as an intern and student teacher, learning so much about what it is like to not only be a teacher, but to be part of a team dedicated to the success of our students.  After completing my internship, I secured a position at Weston High School where I taught for two years.  In Weston, I was responsible for the senior electives Journalism, Advanced Journalism, and Scriptwriting.  I also taught Sophomore English and Advanced Placement English Language and Composition.  Though I had a very positive experience in Weston, I wanted to explore other professional opportunities and sought a middle school Language Arts position in Stamford, CT.  In Stamford I happily taught 8th grade Language Arts, gaining not only a new experience, but also much knowledge about the middle school student (especially how to prepare them for the challenge of high school). 

Previous to my professional experience, I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Marist College and went on to complete a Master of Arts degree in English Literature at Boston College.  During my time at Boston College, I had the wonderful opportunity to teach the First-Year Writing Seminar course at the college--a course required of all entering freshmen.  It was this experience that led to my pursuit of my secondary teaching certificate at Sacred Heart University.

Beyond my professional and educational pursuits (and my implied love of reading!), I am an artistic person who always has an arts and crafts project going on, at times beginning a new one before finishing the old (sometimes to the frustration of my husband, haha!).   I have spent much time travelling the East Coast, exploring historical sites with my husband (a history teacher and basketball coach at Jonathan Law High School) and enjoying the wonderful Connecticut scenery on long bike rides.

My greatest passions, however, are my twin sons, Jacob and Connor.  Two very rambunctious boys, they keep me on my toes and never allow life to be dull.  My dedication to teaching only increased with the arrival of these miracles as I truly recognized what I want my own sons to earn from their education.

I am so pleased to be at Foran High School!  After a long journey, one that was both educational and self-discovering, I am very confident that this school district is where my career will mature.  I have felt the warmth of the Milford community and its remarkable students in my first five years in the district, and I hope to nurture these relationships as the years continue.

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